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 kiyat jutsu >.>

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PostSubject: kiyat jutsu >.>   Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:59 am

Name: impulse gantlet
Element:metal / fire
Requirements: kiyat bloodline/leader an medical
Description: the user forms metal around there hand to look like a mecanical hand claw an can store chakra in the plam. like in code geass the gurin mk2s right hand it can make a shield by bursting the chakra out but user cant move. then there another part where if the user gets close an is able to grab you they sende medical chakra in to you body making your cells grow at an unbeleiveable rate an will explode (like if i grab your right arms your right arm would exlpode an become useless. if i grab your head... your dead... zero knows what i am talkiong about...)

Name: metal reanimation
Rank: genin-kage
Type:bloodline jutsu
Requirements: kiyat bloodline (metal manip)
Description: the user makes a sculputer with metal an then puts a hiar in to the metal beast an dos hand signs an the animal comes alive tell destroyed or for 20 posts.

geinin- can reanimate stuff like small animals like cats a small dogs
chunnin- can reanimate stuff the size of a small human an large dogs an cats.
jounin can reanimate stuff like a copy of them selfs an or large animals.
kage- can make an animal of any size.

Name: metal crystal
Requirements:kiyat clan
Description: the user fouces chakra in to there hand an they turn the ground around them in to metal an it turns in to any metal but takes alot of chakra an it also is only 2 inchs thick in to the ground.

genin- 2 feet around them/bronze
chunin 4 feet/iron
jonin 10 feet/steel
kage 30 feet/ any metal i want....

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Rai Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: kiyat jutsu >.>   Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:17 am


This is me
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kiyat jutsu >.>
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