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 kyouryuu clan

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croc kyouryuu
Academy Student

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PostSubject: kyouryuu clan   Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:42 am

is related to the kiba's clan

village:mist village

but instead of dogs we use dinosaurs(or

the kyouryuu clan is a clan that uses scrolls to summon up dinosaurs to use

academy student:1.mircoraptor./ 2.Procompsognathus(those little raptor looking things that are always in groups (from jurassic park 2 those little green dinos there size ranges from 1.4-2.7ft long and weigh up to 1kg)

genin level can use: 1. pteranodon(sky)/2.Psittacosaurus(land) /3. Gorgosaurus(land is a smaller relative to the t-rex))/4. normal raptors(land)/5.Parasaurolophus(land and water)/6.Archaeopteryx(sky)

chunin level can use: 1. stegosaur(land)/2. tricertops(land)/3. velcioraptor(land)/4.ankylosaurus(land)/5.Apatosaurus/6.Ichthyosaur(water)

jonin level can use: 1. brachosaur(land)/2. Allosaurus(land) /3. Megaraptor(land)/4. plesioaurus(water)/5.Pachycephalosaurus(land)/6.Stethacanthus(water)

kage level can use: 1. t-rex(land)/ 2. Spinosaurus (land and water)/3. Seismosaurus(land)/4. Sarcosuchus/5.Carnotaurus(relative of the chameolon/land)/6.Kronosaurus(water)

the dino you get depends on how are fight rp and other factors(mainly a dice roll i will do another site i have with a dice)

Drawbacks: if you lose the scroll to the dino you can't summon it/use it unless it was out before you lost which you must state
it takes charka to call them

if there is problem please tell me and you can even put this on a trail
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Rai Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: kyouryuu clan   Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:04 am


This is me
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kyouryuu clan
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