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 kyouryuu clan jutsu o.o

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croc kyouryuu
Academy Student

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PostSubject: kyouryuu clan jutsu o.o   Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:05 pm

all are kyouryuu clan jutsu

name dino blade
rank genin
Effects a blade made out of dinosaur bones forms in ur hand the blade is as hard as steel

name dino rampage
rank jonin
Requirements stegosaur/triceratop/ raptor/
Effects users dino goes berserk n charges multiple times at the foe as fast as lightning

name bracho quake
rank jonin
Requirements brachosaur
Effects users brachosaur stomps n makes a large earthquake that makes the earth cave in underneath the foe makin a large crater

name tricrea charge
rank chunin
Requirements triceratops
Effects users ticeratops charges at the foe twice w/ great w/ the use riding it

name raptor call
rank genin
Requirements raptor
Effects illionists of a group of raptors atk the foe n well the foe is thinkin hes bing a atked by a group the real one is feedin off him/her if commanded to

name T-hammer
rank kage
Requirements T-rex
Effects users T-rex transforms into a giant hammer than the user can use to level a whole village or obliberate ther foe

name pteranodon glider
rank genin
Requirements pteranodon
Effects users pteranodon transform into like a glider that user can use as both a way to fly n a way to atk

name tricera sheild
rank chunin
Requirements triceratops
Effects users triceratops transform into a sheild that can block many attacks mainly taijutsu n good against ninjutsus this lasts 3 atk posts

name ankylo club
rank chunin
Requirements ankylosaurus
Effects the ankylosaurus transforms into a club simialr to its tail that the user can use to make craters or break bones

name Carno blend
rank kage
Requirements Carnotaurus
Effects user becomes invible for 2 posts (user is using the carnotaurus chameolon ability)
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Rai Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: kyouryuu clan jutsu o.o   Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:22 pm


This is me
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kyouryuu clan jutsu o.o
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