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 Oz Fights a Strange Kid( Story For The Story Line No1 Post)

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Oz Uchiha

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PostSubject: Oz Fights a Strange Kid( Story For The Story Line No1 Post)   Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:53 pm

Oz Walks Through the Forest On a Walk and A Mysterious Voice echoes "Your Strong,But Still So Weak.." Oz Looked Around not Seeing anyone but a small child appeared from behind a tree "Hello there..'' Oz Examines and The Child runs at him with a Kunai Oz Quickly Jumps back and Grabs his own Kunai and they Clash and The Child Becomes a Snake then twists around Oz's Body and Oz Cuts him and the Boy Releases and Plays Dead Oz Walks Over to Examine It "..What The Hell Was That.." Oz Said and as soon as Oz turned around the Snake Jumped up and bit him on the Top of his Shoulder Blade "Agh!" The Bite Begins to Burn The Boy turns to normal and runs off and his voice echoes "Your Like Your Grandfather Come to Me For Power.." The voice dissapears and Oz limps back home in pain from the burning Bite and locks his door and falls unconsious and Wakes up looking like He looks in a mirror "..No..Not A Damned Cursemark!" Smashes the Mirror and Packs a bag and leaves the house after hours the Marks Remain "Is Thing Ever Going to Go Away!" The Cursemark was a Imporvement from the Original It Did not drain Chakra and Stayed Constantly on Making the Victim Want to Seek Out the Source. Oz Pulled a Hood Over his Face Covering the Marked Half and walked into the forest to avoid others gone for 2 weeks and Others Began to Wonder where he Went and Hirro Went to Go Ask Rai If He Saw Him.

Drifting Into Darkness

I Want Power

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Oz Fights a Strange Kid( Story For The Story Line No1 Post)
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