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 mello, matt and Near....TERROR TRIO~!

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Mello (also Matt/Near)


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PostSubject: mello, matt and Near....TERROR TRIO~!   Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:35 pm

Name:Mello the blonde haired smart one, Matt the powerfull hacker, Near the quiet party pooper...
Age:All are 10.
Gender:All male.
Height: Hmm....Short I say.
Weight:Feather weight.

Appearance:Mello: A boy with shoulder length dirty blond hair, Mello looks the girliest in the team. With black eyes and pale skin, he doesn't get much sun. He wears baggy things, with a brown cap as his signature head gear. His pant legs are always dusty for he runs a lot and does many tricks whenever possible. He is considered.....cute....which he hates.
Matt: He has reddish brownish hair, which is very ruffled and messy. A lot of the time he wears a striped shirt with a ketchup stain that is so bad the shirt looks red and black instead of white. He prefers it that way. Wearing sunglasses all the time, nobody can see his brown eyes. He is not as pale as Near and Mello as he is very active in daylight. He is taller than the rest as well, and is known to be pretty powerfull for a shrimp.
Near: White haired, pale and black eyes, Near is the most ghost like. He is usually in white pjs with a yellow sweater and blue pants over his pj pants. No matter how dirty he gets the white pjs never stain, which is a mystery. He is usually seen with a breifcase where he hides his dominos, transformer action figures and ninja toys.

Race:All japanese
Hair:Blond, red and white.
Eyes:Black, black and brown.
Body:Two fragile, one more athletic.

Level/Rank:Bandits wanting to be academy students.
Village: Wanderers.
Main/Favored Weapon:Mello loves katanas, Matt prefers fist action and Near simply hates fights.
Element:Water (mello) Fire(matt) and air (near) Near knows a little on plant element.
Fighting Type/Style:Errr....I dunno.
Starting Inventory:Mello's cap, Mello's string necklace, Matt's glasses, Near's toys and breifcase, Mello's broken butter knife.

Personality:Mello: A joyfull little one, his respect level is on the low end of the scale. As disrespectful as he is, he adores the string necklace he wears around his neck. He also respects anything chocolate or close to it. He is very determined, and he never ever says I don't know to any questions for he tries to have all the answers. He is the one who gets in trouble most for his pranks. He enjoys running and also loves irritating old people.
Matt: The strong and brainy, he enjoys punching things and hacking. He is a skilled video gamer even if he is young. He participates in many fights, seizes every opportunity for a fire show, and loves helping out everyone. He is usually on the neutral side in arguements.
Near: A never fighting type, Near can be called the 'party pooper'. He takes battles as a waste of time and plays with his toys every day. A true gentle man, he only steals cheap things so as not to upset too much. He will help in battle and likes to fly using his air elements. He is a very strange persona.

Special Abilities:Mello is able to do stunts of great daredevilness. Matt summons fire like a pro and Near flies.

Jutsus:Mello: shadow clone, water dragon and ect.
Matt: Fire control, fire dragon and ect.
Near: Flying wind, rasengan and some plant jutsu.

Background:As told in an actual topic in an rp....Basically Near and Matt tell the past in their way....To some people as Mello is too scared to say anything.
Near coughed.
''I-I think I'll explain....''
Matt nodded and grew silent. So was Mello.
''We weren't always a terror trio. There used to be a fourth. When we were only a year old, we had the smarts of 16 year olds. We were all born poor though, so we couldn't find our way. But one night, somebody found all three of us. His name was Lawliett. He became our....''father''. He called us the wammy kids and we would do everything together. It was great to be a family. Even though he was extremely poor and we owned a small fort in a junkyard he'd spend everything on us. He'd let us do whatever we needed and we even made headlines as heroes.'' Near was close to tears.
Matt stepped in.
''It happened one night. We were sleeping when we heard the cry from downstairs. We saw Mello, clutching a gun, shooting anything that moved. He was scared out of his mind. We saw Lawliett, looking possessed, flying around, trying to kill Mello. We couldn't beleive it. Mello and Lawliett were closer than anything. They were the most bonded of us all. Then we saw a man, dressed in black, in a cloak, holding something to Mello. He had a smirk and was using it to scare Mello even more. It looked like a contract. Mello was trying to shoot the man when....The man suddenly moved and grabbed Lawliett and the bullet....Pieced his heart....Mello still believes he is the murderer, the one who caused it all. But he really is the hero. He stopped Lawliett from misery.... At least that's what I thin-''
Near stopped him and looked to Mello.
His face was pale.
''I-I'' he silenced Hiself.
''It wasn't like that. But....I can't tell.'' he was scared. Scared of the truth nobody would ever learn, ever again....

That is it~! Hope you enjoyed!
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PostSubject: Re: mello, matt and Near....TERROR TRIO~!   Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:45 pm


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mello, matt and Near....TERROR TRIO~!
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