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 Gizik Hatake

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Gizik Hatake
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Gizik Hatake   Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:10 pm

Name: Gizik Hatake
Age: 22
Village: Amegakure
Rank: Jounin
Clan: None
Special Characteristics: None
Weapon or Weapons: Katana, Shuuriken, Scrolls, Senbon, other
Element Or Elements: Water and Earth
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu

Acadmey Arc

Gizik was 7 when he first started the Academy, he graduated quickly from there, he was quite a skilled student. His teachers thought foundly of him. He never caused any trouble in the Academy, and went on as a Genin. Before this Gizik was really immature, but grown after a experience with a student even stronger than himself. Gizik from that day on grew up to be mature and went on a passed his tests and graduated as a Genin.

Genin Arc

When Gizik was a Genin, he was a prodiege(Born Special). He became a Genin easily by being top of class and of his team. The Sensei of his team thought Gizik could someday be a powerful ninja and again, was fond of Gizik. Gizik faced conflicts and even beat a Uchiha in the last match of the Chuunin Exams. Gizik then trained harder though he almost passed out about 5 times from overdoing it. Gizik finally worked on his stamina and finally, at the last match of the exams for him, he beat his opponent and became a Chuunin.

Chuunin Arc-

When Chuunin, Gizik had taken the Jounin Exams at age 15, it took him to the top of scale as a Chuunin and he soon passed the exams after going through deadly training and tough battles and was soon a powerful young shinobi. He did about 5 missions every 2 weeks and 10 every month in total. Gizik trained harder than anyone in his squad and soon surpassed his fellow comrades and using his accquired skills he learned and was taught, he made his way through to becoming a Jounin, though after this, Gizik joined the Amegakure Medical Squad for about 2 years, he was a excellent candiate for learning this particular skill. Soon after this Gizik left the Medical squad and went on to be in the field, Gizik is now a Shinboi in the Offensive position, he is still remembered in the Medical Unit

Jounin Arc-

He has been Jounin for 5 years now, he is highly skilled and talented Ninja. Along the way he fought many powerful Shinobi, most of them were highly skilled ninja, top of the class. He would even toy around with some of the weaker ones just to piss them off. As he fought and toyed around with these Shinobi he was also training, he trained his skills, strategies, and tactics. He also got some new clothes along the way. By then he got his Jounin vest, he bought some red, orange, and yellow paint and sprayed some flames on his Jounin Vest. Gizik then thought he would then leave the Amegakure and train at different shinobi villages, such as: Rain Village, Waterfall Village, and the Sound Village. Gizik then mastered the his Earth and Water Elements, and soon was a true shinobi of Amegakure. Though he has been really kind and hearty to most people. Gizik despises all Uchiha Clan Members. He basically doesn't like them. He believes that any Ninja could surpass a ninja with a Kekei Genkei. Gizik is a strong ninja and has a purpose. To help others and to become strong to protect his home. Gizik is now nothing but a layed back
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Hatake Hayato

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PostSubject: Re: Gizik Hatake   Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:30 am


Spy Missions Outfit
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Rai Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Gizik Hatake   Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:05 am

I said u gotta be an AS

This is me
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PostSubject: Re: Gizik Hatake   

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Gizik Hatake
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