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 Rank Rules

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Hatake Hayato

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PostSubject: Rank Rules   Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:49 am


When you create an account you will start out as an Academy Student,
When you get 50 posts and pass the genin exam you will turn into a Genin,
When you get 500 posts and pass the chuunin exam you will turn into a Chuunin,
When you get 1000 posts and pass the jounin exam you will turn into a Jounin,
When you get 1500 posts and pass the ANBU exam you will become an ANBU
When you get 5000 posts you will become a sannin for your village(first three only)
When there is no kage for your village there will be a tornement(Jounins or higher)the winner will become the kage of that village
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Rank Rules
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