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 Ramen spree (open)

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Dayborn Furitora


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PostSubject: Ramen spree (open)   Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:33 pm

Inside the busy streets of suna, a young boy sat at a table, grinning like crazy. The ramen manager approached the smiling boy and asked him what he wanted to have. The boy sat up and started to say all of the things.
''Miso, Beef, Chicken and fish ramen please.'' He said in a hyper voice. The ramen manager blinked. He had never heard such a long list of requirements before. But he knew he must serve his customers. ''Okay.'' He rushed into the back, preparing the meals. Kushin smirked and leaned back to sigh.
''Heh heh.'' He waited patiently. When it was served, he began digging in like Naruto would. ''Woohoo!''
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Ramen spree (open)
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