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 medical jutsu!

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PostSubject: medical jutsu!   Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:42 pm

- Chakra Scrub [Chakra no sukurabu]
This jutsu uses chakra to clean off bacteria and other foreign elements from an object, causing it to become sterile enough to use for medical purposes. | Non-Battle Skill | Academy

- Life Preservation Technique [Ichimei Hoyou no Jutsu]
This jutsu is causes a small amount of chakra to cycle through the patient. The chakra spreads to all the bodily systems and smoothes everything out. Bodily temperature is regulated, blood flows better and the patient can breath better. This is only a temporary cure, however, as after the jutsu ends the patient will quickly relapse. | Chakra- 5 (Every Post) | Academy

- Quarantine Technique [Shadan no Jutsu]
This jutsu utilized a large circular seal. The seal prevents things like diseases, bacteria, chakra, and other form of sicknesses from entering or exiting the quarantined area. This jutsu does not prevent things like people or animals from entering or leaving the area, however, and it is not 100% foolproof. | Non-Battle Skill | Academy


- Circle of Healing [Chiyu no En]
The user lays out a large mat with various seals inscribed on it. An outline of a human body with two large circles at the head and a map of the anatomy are the most predominant features. The medic places his hands in the circles and has the victim lie down. Once chakra is forced through the seal, it configures the chakra to act in a similar fashion to the healing hand technique. | Chakra- 20(Inc3) | Damage- 30(Inc3) | Genin

- Circle of Life Preservation [Hoyou no En]
The Circle of Life Preservation is commonly put on stretchers, although mats that simply have the seal on them are also sold. When chakra is placed through the seal, it has the effect of the Life Preservation Technique upon the person within the seal. While the seal has the same effect of a normal jutsu, the seal reduces its chakra cost considerably. | Chakra- 1 (Every Post) | Genin

- Fleshbinding Technique [Ikimi Baindingu no Jutsu ]
This jutsu causes the skin of the victim to stretch, grow, and fuse together over cuts and bruises. The chakra is also very hot, and is commonly used to cauterize a wound as well. Unfortunately, this jutsu is, at best, a temporary fix and is only suitable to take care of bruises or cuts. Large gashes are outside of this jutsu's ability, and the use of this jutsu doesn't mean you shouldn't go to the hospital. | Chakra- 1(Inc20) | Healed Damage- 1(Inc20) | Genin

- Fleshrending Technique [Ikimi Tekiyaku no Jutsu]
A medical ninja's number one priority is the safety of his or her team. While this is normally accomplished through healing, some ninja learn that the best way to make sure that his or her allies aren't harmed is to take out the opponents. Those ninja learn how to reverse jutsu such as the Fleshbinding Technique to cause harm. This jutsu in particular sends out a wave of chakra over the opponent's skin with a touch, causing minor cuts and bruises in a large area. The learning of such techniques is forbidden in most professional academies and frowned upon by most medical nin. | Chakra- 1(Inc20) | Damage- 1(Inc20) | Genin | Must know the Fleshbinding Technique

- Numbing Technique [Jinto no Jutsu]
As its name suggests, this jutsu acts as a local anesthetic, numbing the nerves around an area and dulling one's sense of pain. This jutsu is generally proffered to narcotics on the battlefield since it doesn't hinder the mind. | Chakra- 5 | Genin

- Poison Isolation Technique [Gekiyaku Kakuzetsu no Jutsu]
This jutsu temporarily prevents the effects of poison by controlling and filtering blood as it moves through the patient's body. After the technique ends, then the poison affects the patient normally. | Chakra- 5 (Every Post) | Genin

- Chakra Scalpel [Chakra no Mesu]
A technique that focuses chakra into the hands to form a blade of energy. It possibly was a skill used primarily for medical treatment (ie. surgery), but when combined with hand-to-hand skills, it becomes a dangerous weapon. The blade is capable of severing internal blood vessels and muscles during battle without breaking the skin. A fatal hit can be attained by attacking the heart or neck when used Offensively. | Chakra- 50 | Damage- 20 | In addition to dealing hit point damage, you may heal or reduce one stat point from strength, agility, accuracy or endurance. | Chuunin | Only Jounin may use in battle. Effect lasts for three posts.

- Circle of Restoration [Bankai no En]
The user lays out a large tarp that contains two small ornamental circles in which the user lays his hands, which are connected to a large circle in which the patient lays down. The user focuses chakra into the seals and into the patient. The chakra seeks out the major bodily functions and gradually performs minor surgical feats. In the same time, the chakra also promotes natural healing. | Chakra- 30 | Healed Damage- 30 | Restores two stat points in any category | Chuunin

- Healing Hand Skill [Chiyute no Jutsu]
A technique that concentrates chakra into the hand. The user then transmits the chakra into the patient through touch. The chakra seeks out and regenerates destroyed cells by enhancing the body's own natural healing process. | Chakra- 30 (Inc3) | Healed Damage- 40 (Inc3) | Chuunin

- Killing Hands Technique [Satsugaite no Jutsu]
A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses chakra into the palms of their hands, creating a small ball of chakra that is the complete opposite of the Healing Hands Technique. Through concentrating their chakra in a manner opposing the Chiyute, instead of rebuilding and restoring another person's cells, this jutsu intends to disrupt or even destroy a person's body. | Chakra - 30 (Inc3) | Damage - 40 (Inc3) | Chuunin | Must know the Healing hands technique

- Muscle Seeker [Zuiikin Shiikaa no Jutsu]
Upon physical contact the user can send chakra to the surrounding muscles, causing them to spasm and cramp. This makes moving that muscle difficult and painful, but causes no lasting damage. | Chakra- 15 | Reduces Agility, Strength or Accuracy by 1 | Chuunin | The stat is restored in five posts.

- Physical Stimulant Technique [Zuiikin Yobimizu no Jutsu]
The user touches the patient and sends a small amount of chakra into the brain. The chakra causes the release of endorphins and adrenalin, inducing a fight or flight response. This gives the patient a small power boost, but it also puts strain on the body of whoever it's used on. | Chakra- 10(Inc) | Damage- 10(Inc) | Increases any of the physical stats of the person it damages by 1(Inc) | Advanced Chuunin | Effect lasts 5 posts


- Anatomic Analysis Skill [Kaibougaku Aneraiza no Justu]
After making physical contact, the user sends weak chakra pulses throughout the body. The chakra has no direction but instead follows along the patient's body normally. The pulses can then be read, giving a detailed analysis of the patient's body. Although performing the actual technique is very easy, reading the feedback is feat only trained professionals can accomplish. | Non-Battle Skill | ANBU

- Circle of Regeneration [Taisha no En]
The user places the patient within a large circle and places his hands in two smaller circles located close by. A biological medium (such as hair) is taken from the user and strung from the user to the patient. Chakra is moved through the seal and medium to the wounds of the victim, restoring them with great efficiency, even to the point of reattaching limbs. More elaborate versions of this jutsu utilizing multiple medical ninja at once have been known to exist. | Chakra- 75 | Healed Damage- 150 | ANBU

- Healing Wave Technique [Chiyu Shuuha no Jutsu]
While the healing hand technique is the choice of most medical ninja, sometimes the patient simply can't be gotten to in time to be healed. In those instances, this technique is used to heal them from afar. This jutsu focuses chakra into the hands of the user and then projects it towards the patient. While this jutsu is just as efficient at healing as the healing hands technique, this jutsu does cost considerably more chakra. | Chakra- 40(Inc4) | Healed Damage 40(Inc4) | ANBU | Must know the Healing Hand Technique.

- Harvest of Life [Karitoru Itonami no Jutsu]
Considered an abomination of a technique by most in the medical profession, this jutsu uses touch to transmit some of the user's chakra into the victim, after which the chakra seeks out and sucks the energy out of the victim's cells. That energy is transmitted back into the user, were it is used to regenerate his own body. | Chakra- 30(Inc3) | Damage- 30(Inc3) | Healed Damage 30(Inc3) | Advanced ANBU

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PostSubject: Re: medical jutsu!   Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:43 pm

- Physical Transformation Technique [Kenkoubi Henjiru no Jutsu]
This jutsu utilizes an altered form of the Healing Hands Technique to change the patient's appearance. In effect, the user rewrites how the patient is healed, so that he or she is regenerated in a new fashion as to change their physical appearance. Size, skin and hair tone can all be changed, although nothing as drastic such as the addition of limbs can be added, but height and weight can be altered. The changes made by this jutsu are completely real, not illusionary or fake in any way. | Chakra- 30 | ANBU

- Purification technique [Kakusei no jutsu] [Kakusei no jutsu]
An advanced medical technique, this jutsu uses the chakra to delve into the patient's body where it freely seeks out, isolates, and removes toxins and other alien forces from the body. The jutsu is not perfect and some trace amounts of toxin may still remain in the body, so providing an antidote is still highly advised. | Chakra- 75 | Removes most poisons from the body and ends their effect | ANBU

- Restorative Touch [Fokusu Ijiru no Jutsu]
Through touch, this jutsu channels chakra to perform minor, invasive surgery to the target, strengthening muscles and bodily functions. | Chakra- 15 (Inc3) | Restores two stat points per increment | ANBU

- Tranquilization Technique [Annonbuji no Jutsu]
This jutsu uses chakra to break down the chakra and nervous system temporarily. The breakdown renders the muscles around the area touched unable to move for a short amount of time. | Chakra- 50 | ANBU | Effect lasts 3 posts.

- Cellular Degeneration [Akka no Saibou]
Through physical contact, the user sends a wave of chakra through the victim's body. The wave of chakra breaks down cells into simple chemicals, literally rotting the part of the body touched and a large area around it. Both incredibly painful and devastating, this jutsu is considered forbidden do to the inhumane way in which it destroys its victims. | Chakra- 75 | Damage- 150 | Kinjutsu

- Chakra Poisoning Technique [Chakra Gekiyaku no Jutsu]
By using a touch as medium, an experienced medical-nin can place some of his or her chakra into the victim. The chakra flows through the victim's inner coil system naturally until he attempts to use his chakra to perform a jutsu. When that happens the user's chakra reacts violently with the victim's, causing a major disruption within the person's body that not only cancels the intended jutsu, but also causes an extreme amount of stress on the victim's body. | Chakra- 100 | Whenever the victim uses a jutsu that requires chakra, that jutsu is canceled (chakra cost is still paid) and the victim takes damage equal to the amount of chakra spent. The effect wears off after three posts or once the victim performs a jutsu. | Jounin

- Dead Soul Skill [Shikon no Jutsu]
A technique in which the user is able to control the bodies of the dead by making their hearts beat for a short period of time. The dead body is just as strong in death as it was in life, though it retains none of the knowledge of its life and acts only on the actions of the user. | Chakra- 50 | The corpse has the same stats as it did in life, save for HP, which is unaffected by endurance | Jounin | The body again dies after five posts

- Emergency Provisions Technique [Fuji Junbi no Jusu]
Many times a medical ninja isn't given enough time to properly heal someone. It's in those cases that this jutsu is used. By forming an extra amount of chakra, the user is able to perform two additional medical jutsu simultaneously. The user can even perform the same medical jutsu twice. | Chakra- 20 | Jounin

- Life Link [Itonami Musubu no Jutsu]
The user attaches several chakra strings to multiple patients' tenketsu. This allows the user to fuse their chakra flows, but not their chakra supply. Any force inflicted upon the patient is applied to everyone else the strings are attached to and visa versa. This jutsu basically lets others take on some of the pain the other person is experiencing. While, in theory, this jutsu could be used offensively, attaching the strings to the tenketsu is a very precise business, making it incredibly easy to dodge, even if the victim isn't trying. | Chakra- 50 (Per Person, Every Post) | Half the damage inflicted to anyone under is instead split among everyone else in the link. | Advanced Jounin

- Reactive Regeneration Technique [Saisei Kousei no Jutsu]
The user implants some of his or her chakra into the patient. The chakra then sits within the patient's body and flows through his chakra circulatory system. The chakra is healing in nature, and adapts to the patient's body to best heal him or her. The chakra can be activated with a mere thought on the part of the user, but it will also trigger if the patient is severely injured. A common tactic is actually to use this jutsu on someone before they are harmed, after which the chakra is used to instantly heal the patient. | Chakra- 30(Inc3) | Healed Damage- 50(Inc3) | Jounin | The chakra dissipates after five posts if not used. The chakra can not be used to heal in the same post it's implanted.

- Strength of my Enemy [Ada Dairiki no Jutsu]
The use of this jutsu is considered taboo to most medical nins. Through physical contact, the user places a small amount of chakra into the victim's body. The chakra seeks out the muscles and takes their energy before returning to the user and using that energy to strengthen his own muscles. In effect, this jutsu saps the strength and physical abilities of the victim and implants it upon the user. The added chakra dissipates from the user after a while, but the damage to the victim lasts until he or she rests to regain strength or is healed. | Chakra- 30(Inc3) | Reduce the victim's strength, agility, endurance, or accuracy by 1 (Inc3) and increase the user's same stat by that amount. | Advanced Jounin | Effect on the user lasts for 4 posts

- Symbiosis Technique [Kyousei no Jutsu]
The user breaks apart his own body on the cellular level and appears to melt into the "host", inevitably disappearing completely within the his or her body. The entire experience is slow and violent, making it impractical to use on anyone but an ally and outside the heat of battle. The user is capable of extending any of his limbs out of the host's chest, stomach, or back. The user can even perform jutsu while inside the host, though he must extend out his hands to perform the hand seals to do so. The host acts as a shield, protecting the user from harm. The only way to attack the user while this jutsu is active is to strike any of the user's limbs that are protruding from the host's body. The host is capable of expunging the user by expelling a large amount of chakra. This jutsu is commonly used on bodies that have been animated by the Dead Soul Skill. | Chakra- 50 (Every Post) | Advanced Jounin | The host may expunge the user at the cost of 80 chakra.


- Cellular Regeneration [Saisei no Saibou]
A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses all of their chakra into one part of their body just before an attack. The moment that attack connects, the chakra activates the natural regeneration of the body's cellular makeup, repairing the damage done by an attack the moment after it is done. | Chakra- 200 | Effect- Nullify the effects of any one attack | S-Rank | The effect wears off the post after the technique is used.

- Body and Soul Fusion Technique [Irounaku Youyuu no Jutsu]
The user attaches several chakra strings from his tenketsu to the patient's. Their chakra circulatory systems completely merge. Both spiritual energy and physical energy is transmitted through the strings as the two bodies become one. Theoretically, this jutsu could be used offensively, but the jutsu requires that the partner stay perfectly still. Additionally, the partners can not be more then 30 yards from one another or the jutsu fails. | Chakra- 100 (Every Post) | The user's and the patient's Chakra and HP are merged into one. After the jutsu ends, the damage done to the whole and the chakra missing from the maximum is distributed evenly between the two participants. | S-Rank | If chakra strings are already attached from the user's tenketsu to the partners (such as after using the Life Link or Strength of the Whole techniques) then this jutsu can be activated simply by paying the chakra cost as though you were up keeping it.

- Strength of the Whole [Atamakazu no jutsu]
The user attaches several chakra strings from his tenketsu to the patient's. The strings enter both bodies and attach to the muscles, linking the energies within both bodies. This allows both participants to pull upon the strengths of the other while losing none of his own strengths. Theoretically, this jutsu could be used offensively, but the jutsu requires that the partner stay perfectly still. Additionally, the partners can not be more then 30 yards from one another or the jutsu fails. | Chakra- 80 (Every Post) | The participants both use the highest strength, agility and accuracy score between the two of them. For instance, if one of them has a strength of 10 and the other a strength of 5, then they both are considered to have a strength 10. | S-Rank | If chakra strings are already attached from the user's tenketsu to the partners (such as after using the Life Link or Body and Soul Fusion Techniques) then this jutsu can be activated simply by paying the chakra cost as though you were up keeping

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medical jutsu!
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